Friday, August 26, 2011

This week we have been animating a scene which is a duet - so two people, dancing - and singing. 
Challenge yes. And to make it more of a challenge, we are in teams of two people - one animating the female character, the other the male. 

I have a GREAT team mate who was working on the dance scene this week and she has done a sterling job. I am looking forward to seeing our animations together. 

Anywho, I was blissfully working away on my animation, then got to this point, and because I was so blissful - I realised that I wasn't really thinking about what I was drawing and planning it properly. So I stepped back and took stock of my drawing. 

So I very humbly and woefully took it to my tutor's desk and asked for his help.

He did this...

Wow right?
Be-ooootiful line of action, lovely open face, and a lot more emotion expressed in the face to emphasize the words being sung. 
Wow, it's great to learn right? I just have to keep on reminding myself that, coz it's never going to end and it would be too easy to just get sad! Haha

Needless to say, I fixed my drawing and hopefully the animation will benefit from the result! Once I have an updated linetest I might just pop it up here. And if my team-mate doesn't mind, I'll pop our finished version up here too.

Right, now to finish off Ramone for the 11 Second Club next week!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mice with their umbrellas

It's been really busy lately. But I'm getting there (I think).
Here are just a coupla earlier, unfinished drawings I did.

I am thinking that maybe later tonight or tomorrow I will put up a couple of the drawings from the animations that we have been working on at school, it's been pretty fun this week. : )

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Old man

He's hip.
He's with it. 

He's also very 'Up'-esque - but coz 'Up' is so cool - I am not ashamed of that point. : )

Thursday, August 18, 2011

WIP Ramone

Some of you may recall a post I popped up here a while ago about a new character I designed called Ramone, for an animation for the 11 Second Club. 

Well here is my work in progress. I haven't finished the 'cleaned up rough' yet as you will be able to see - and I need to fix quite a bit of stuff - ie. the table and smooth out a lot of the movement. The dialogue at the beginning is what I still need to clean up - and also smooth out, coz at the moment his eyebrows are a bit jiggly and the movement looks a bit stiff - but hey! Live and learn right? It's due for school on Monday morning - so I have a heap of work to do over the weekend, then we have a week of our own time to polish it up before it's due for 11 Second Club, so here's hoping I can submit it on time. : )

If you have any feedback, it's welcome!

Busy busy

Hopefully from tomorrow I'll have some more newer pics to put up.
That's the goal anyway. : )

Hope everyone has had a good week.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Another day at the drawing board - literally. hehe

Here are some more old pics from ol' 2008. I really need to try and do some new versions of this kind of thing. Doing animation every day with 2B pencils means that you miss colour. 

So here are some in the meantime til I can get round to doing some new ones. :)

Hope everyone else is happy and having fun.


Survived the weekend. It was a bit of a tough one to be honest - but got there in the end. 

So back to another week. And for a random piece of information for everyone; it snowed today. 
In Auckland. 
Which is nuts. 
Ok so the snow was teeny. But it doesn't snow in Auckland - I think the last time was about 70 years ago or something. 
So it was kinda exciting. Unfortunately no snow days for us tho. : (

Hehe - here we have an elephant. 
Just another of the old water colours I did when in the UK. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

In the house

Last week we finally got our stuff back from our time in the UK. 
It took us a very long while to get ourselves sorted, and our very very kind and long-suffering friends in London were so helpful and arranged everything over there for us, so that we could get it shipped back. It all arrived in perfect condition and intact and we are very thankful. 

It was a bit like Christmas opening everything up again - as it has been two years since we have been back in NZ, we had forgotten a lot of what we had left in the UK. 

Amongst everything was a bunch of art that I had done while I was over there. It was stuff that I had done before starting my animation course, and it is really interesting to see how much I have learnt since then from drawing full-time!

However today I thought that I would share with you a water colour painting that I did. It was when I was trying to teach myself to use water colours, because I hadn't really used them before - and there is quite a knack to it! Didn't get to practice as much as I would have liked, but this one was one of the first that I was happy with, and which gave me more confidence to keep trying! 
If anyone has any tips on painting with water colours I am all ears. : )

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New dood

Yesterday we were designing characters for the new animation that we have started for the month. I'm not great at coming up with back story, so I settled after considering and bouncing ideas off my flat-mates on a simple story of an ant. Worked a lot of the day on Tuesday on rough designs and thumbnails - as you can see here below.

But then, after working on this all day - I got in the car with Josh and he told me a cooler idea that I could use! Well, that's just how it goes, so today was spent redesigning the character for the new idea. 
Introducing: Ramone

So I'll keep you posted on this one.
: )

Monday, August 1, 2011

Blast from the Past

For interests sake I have here, two drawings/paintings that I did for my 7th Form Design boards a 'couple' of years ago. ; ) I chose to do children's book illustration (funnily enough), and used an excellent story that my friend had written (hopefully one day he will finish it). : )

I found them while rummaging through my old art folders, and thought it might be interesting to put them up here. They were lots of fun to work on - the story was really creative - and I know now that I would do a lot differently. It's so interesting to be able to look back on old stuff though!

They are in a bit of a fragile state (as you can probably see from the rips and tears).
I did them in watercolour pencil. : )

Just in case you were wondering, I did okaaaaaaaaaaay in my final result for the subject - there was a lot that I could have done better if I hadn't put it off til the last minute... I passed anyway, that's the important thing - hehe. : )