Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello 2012

So what has been going on? I hope everyone has been enjoying their New Year so far. 
I have good feelings about 2012 - and am determined to keep them! 

I have shamefully not been doing as much drawing as I had hoped over the holidays - however I have been able to do some fun creative stuff. 

It's my good buddy's birthday this Saturday so I have been making her a present, and since she doesn't read my blog, I think I'm pretty safe to put it up here (otherwise, if she just happens to look on her; Happy Birthday my friend - you know who you are and, surprise!!!)

Something I loved doing in the past, and want to try and keep up, is painting on clothing. I made some hoodies a few years ago for my sisters-in-law and painted them. And I've found it hard to find cool t-shirts that are interesting and not stereotypical - so I figure, why not make them! 

In this instance I bought the t-shirt - and painted on it. : )
My friend likes goldfish, so I decided to go with that theme. So first things first, sketches to decide on style!

I then cut the ones out that I liked so that I could lay them out on the t-shirt to decide where to put them, then lightly traced round them.

Then painted the fish! I found this awesome stuff called Textile Medium which you can mix with standard acrylic paints and use on fabric. I've found it lasts pretty well through washes and everything. The aforementioned hoodies I made about 5 years ago and the girls have worn them quite a bit and thrown them in the wash, and although the colours have faded a bit (which is standard) the pictures I painted on are still clear. : )

So I still haven't quite finished it yet, so I will put an update on when I have completely finished it, and hopefully a pic of my friend wearing it!
Hopefully I can do more of these this year too. :)