Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Great Expectations...

So whenever people start a new year they do actually seem to have 'great expectations' of what they are going to achieve for that year. Thus the whole New Year's Resolutions thing. I kind of gave up on that a few years ago after constantly getting frustrated at myself for not keeping those resolutions! So the trade off I have made is to stick to just one basic thing that I want to learn for that year. And usually something that applies to a lot of stuff. 

So last year I really wanted to learn more about humility. And boy did I learn about it. Stopping full time work, moving to a new country and having to rely on other people is a humbling business.

This year I have decided that I really need to focus on discipline. A scary kind of a word. Even scarier I think than humility. But I do need to become more disciplined. More disciplined in my work, exercise, faith, and life in general. So we'll see how that goes for 2014. 

Speaking of Great Expectations, and on a more art related note... I watched a version of that classic Dickens tale the other week and it was really good! It had Gillian Anderson in it as Miss Haversham and she was awesome. So if you are into classics, Dickens and BBC (or at least one of the above) then check it out. (Plus it inspired me to want to watch The X Files).

I decided to do some sketches while I was watching - so here's my version of Estella and Pip (based on Douglas Booth who played the part of Pip)(and who is a very appealing guy to draw).

That's all from me for now! Happy New Year everyone. 

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