Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yesterday's post...

We are doing clean up this week in class, and after half a year of developing looseness and a rougher style, I must admit it wasn't easy getting back into it. However - it is more in line with my natural tendency to un-roughness so after a couple of days I'm getting there. 
But I have missed key animation!

Next week is our school's annual 'Film Challenge' - which puts us all into teams of 1st, 2nd and 3rd years and sets us the challenge of making an animated movie trailer in 4 days. Last year was really tough, but it looks like I've got a really excellent team this year - go Purple! (That's us).

Today we had a random drawing topic of: 'I *heart*...' - I was really stumped. Had no idea what to draw. So I doodled. And drew a kinda cute (although incredibly anatomically incorrect) alligator.

So I just went with that. 

I don't particularly love alligators - however I know that there must be people in the world who do right?
So this one's for you guys.

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