Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The fear of paper...

Over the past number of weeks I have I think been looking a bit like this behind my desk:

Although in addition there is a whole pile of discarded paper and empty coffee cups behind the desk.

I have decided that I think it is a fear of paper. 

Behold! Upon the desk an innocent plain white piece of paper! 
Seemingly so simple.
Seemingly so sweet.

And yet what I have been seeing is something more like this...

No wonder I have been finding animating so tough!
However I have decided that this has to end! 
Never fear people! I will conquer the paper!

Just in case you were worried.


  1. oh my n noooh.. suddenly my fear of paper have a face. blaming you.xO

  2. It's ok - you can conquer it with me. hehe : ) Thanks for the follow by the way!

  3. I totally understand this. A blank peice of paper is scary until something is drawn on it. I get really scared of a new sketchbook too cause you can really throw the piece away. But I just started a new one and the first page is drawn on whoot!

  4. So so true about the new book thing. eep. So congrats on getting started Ramona! : )