Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lots of stuff

Well, I had started out this post with something mildly interesting - but then my cat came along and walked all over my keyboard, which started doing things on my computer that I wouldn't know how to do if I tried. 

This is him - just for interests sake.

He is quite an eccentric creature (although, who am I kidding - what cat isn't).
And yup he was sleeping this way - he just opened his eyes when I took the picture.

Anyway - this week is a busy one. We have film challenge at school (which doesn't contain the word challenge for no reason). But this year things seem to be going pretty well, and we have all our animation done - just a couple of scenes left to clean up, and then colour - all with two days to go. : ) 

So thus the scanty posting this week.
But the other news is that the book with my illustrations in it has been published - so that's pretty exciting. Here are a few examples from it which I can put up now that the book is complete. The first one is from the poem 'Duke Visits the Dentist'

And this one is as you probably guessed, the Christmas poem, called 'Duke and Santa Paws'

One of my favourite little characters in the book is the little brown guy who is lying over the back of the grey spotted dog on the mat to the bottom left.  

Hope everyone else is having an excellent week!


  1. Im soo jealous! I want to illustrate for a children's book so bad. I was thinking of writing my own either with a story I had made up a while ago or with a bunch of little poems! I should start it! :)

  2. You DEFINITELY should Ramona!!!! Go ahead and write your own - it's excellent practice. : ) There are a billion things that I learnt from illustrating this one - and I have another that I need to get on to which my friend and I wrote - writing your own is a really good way to start. :)

  3. woah, that's so cool What's the book called! I want a copy!

  4. Nice illustrations, congrats on the book! :)

  5. Lauretta - it's called 'Dashing Duke and his Dodgy Adventures'... apparently you can buy a copy on Amazon. Haha you're so lovely. : )

    Thanks Carrie! :) That compliment means a HEAP coming from you!