Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My introduction to mascara

A true story.

My favourite item of make-up is mascara; and I was reminiscing the other day about an experience that I had when I was little that might explain why...

Once upon a time, when I was just a wee young thing, I snuck into the bathroom at my parent's house - the goal was the bathroom cabinet, which I knew had lots of interesting things in it, because I would often see Mum or Dad open it and use stuff out of it. 

It must have been full of really exciting stuff, because it was up high, and difficult for small people to reach - so I thought it warranted exploration. Despite the fact that I knew I wasn't allowed to explore said cabinet on instruction of my parents...

So I climbed up...

First thing I find is Mum's make-up. Score! think I.
I had a rough idea of what you were supposed to do with it because I had seen Mum apply it... actually who am I kidding, I knew exactly what I was supposed to do with it! Muahaha!

Found the lipstick...

But on rummaging around I discovered something more amazing...

The mascara!
So black! So spiky looking! 

I knew this was the one I had been searching for...

I knew I could create a masterpiece with this.

So I got to work!
I applied that mascara like it had never been applied before!

The results looked incredible.

And then, despite the aforementioned fact that I knew I had been told by my parents that I was not allowed in the cabinet, I marched myself out to the living room to present my work; nay, my masterpiece to them.

They would be so proud! 

I looked fantastic.

I had gone and just used up that whole mascara on the whole of my face.
Why stop at the eyes when you can just go nuts everywhere. 
In fact, the above picture does not even do justice to the blackness that was my face on that day.

My parents were overwhelmed to say the least, and I don't think that they really knew how to react. So they did what any forward thinking, just parent would do... 
Dad took a photo.

And then I got a (small, mind you) reminder that what I had done was naughty.

As a disclaimer: I am in no way trying to portray my parents in a bad way - I actually really appreciate the way they handled this - I knew that I was being naughty, so I deserved a telling off. And they were (and are) both really great parents. And yet the fact that Dad took a photo means that now we have a record of what I consider to be a kinda funny story. hehe. 

The End.


  1. can you post the real picture???? please? Also, adorable drawings. I have trouble drawing the bodies of little kids sometimes, but yours is really well done!

  2. Hahaha yeah I would have to go to my parents and try and dig it out - I did consider doing that! hehe Thanks a bundle Ramona! : )