Saturday, January 11, 2014


...everybody needs good neighbors. 
(Kudos to you if you know what that's from)

I was thinking about it the other day, and we have moved a lot over the past 9 years. And as a result we have had quite a few different neighbors. It seems that often we end up living next to some, well, interesting people. 

One good example is when we first moved to London, and were living up in the attic of this amazing old terraced house in Notting Hill. 
The view from out of our attic window.
Because we were living in the attic we had to walk through our landlord's house to get out the front door. If you have ever been in one of these houses, basically there is a staircase running right up through the middle of the house - this one went up 3 flights plus our attic on top that we reached via a little spiral staircase. 

Our spiral staircase
All the rooms of the house just came right off the staircase. Right at the foot of our little spiral staircase was our landlord's bathroom. 

And they often would have baths with the door wide open. 
And we had to walk right past the door if we wanted to leave to go anywhere. 

It was interesting. 
Hey it makes for a funny story anyway. And there are more stories where that came from. 

And yes I was that white after spending a year in the UK. 

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