Monday, September 19, 2011

Hurrah for sketching!

I took time tonight to get out my Moleskine and actually sketch in it! 
It has been too long, and I have used it for other random stuff that is not pretty and very boring and practical. 
Why on earth would I use such a delightful tool for sketching as a book for boring practical things you may ask? 
That is a very good question. 
To be honest I think it was because I was scared. There is this unspoken pressure to perform when you have lovely blank smooth pages in front of you. And instead of just going for it, which I understand is the idea of sketching - I bowed to the pressure. 
But no more! 

In your face boringness and practicality!
So here's hoping that I can keep this up. Coz then I will have a sketchbook actually full of drawings. Which, ridiculously, will be a first for me. 

Oh look, there was actually one drawing that I found from last year...

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