Monday, November 7, 2011

Prom night

Well, we don't really have 'prom' over here - but it's pretty much the same thing we just call it a 'ball'. Unless things have changed since I was at school. 

I was doing some sketchiness today and then decided that I would take the time to colour! Coz I do love colour and these days don't get heaps of time to do it! 

So I did this...

Which really came out of nowhere. Then I coloured it...

What is so crazy is that I kinda prefer her expression in the sketch - there has been something lost in the redoing of her face in the final version. Maybe it's just me coz I've been looking at it for too long or something. Anyway, overall, it was fun to colour something - and get something finished. And I kinda like her dress. : )

My high school ball dress was bright bright pink. 

And look, since I'm feeling super generous - I'll even share a picture. 
It's small and blurry, but it was the only one I am brave enough to share.

Hehe, yup. My friend would probably kill me if she knew I had put this up here, but, hopefully she won't know... : D
Hope everyone had an excellent Monday!

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