Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little Fox

I love giving artwork away - as much as I have heard that as an artist you have to be careful with how liberally you just give your art away, however I just really enjoy doing it and can't really help myself!

So I'm doing another giveaway over at my Han Drawn Facebook page - giving this little guy away. I drew him the other day as a practice pic. It's A5 sized in colour pencils.

This pic is a little more saturated than the original coz I tweaked it in Photoshop, and I added the texture to the background too, the original is on smooth paper (hehe yay for Photoshop cheats) :)

So if you are keen on winning a little piece of original artwork, come on over to my Facebook page and comment on the pic (that's all it takes to go in the draw) - and maybe even like the page while you are at it! :D


  1. I'm scared of Facebook, there's so many people! I think I should sign up so I can enter draws and win amazing art like 'Little Fox' :)