Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All's quiet on the western front...

Hmmm it's been a while since I have posted. And I don't really have any good excuses!
It's school holidays at the moment - so it's nice and quiet at school and I am getting a good amount of work churned out. Yes. I am a nerd. 

There are a bunch of 3rd year students who are submitting some short films into the Hamburg Animation Awards this year - so I am privileged to be able to give them a hand with clean up and hopefully some ToomBoom later down the track. So that's fun. It's been a while since I've done clean up tho and I am a bit rusty - so today was a bit slower than I would like. 

Here is a sketch from the archives. It's a bit of a weird one. It is my version of Fuchsia from the book Titus Groan. She is supposed to be attractive, but not, at the same time. I like her character - and what a name right! Very cool. Anywho - hopefully I will have more interesting things to talk about tomorrow - or maybe the day after. : )

P.S. Our school took us to see Rio last week and it was really cool! I loved the vibrancy of it and the character designs were really cool. And Jemaine Clement is a legend. He was brilliant as the voice of Nigel. NZ represent! Hehe : )

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  1. Hi Hannah, thanks for your comment. I like your drawings, your drawings are solid and you create some really good shapes for the characters. Best regards!