Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not the last 'woohoo!' for the week


Well - the great news is that we have been given a new assignment for the next couple of weeks which is an awesome assignment! It's doing face studies - looking at the structure of the skull and the muscles and then fleshing it out. 

The other cool part to this assignment is that we have to develop a character and draw it doing a whole pile of facial expressions and then a dialogue model sheet - and the rules are that we have to use ourselves as reference. Bahaha. 

I am not very strong at all at drawing caricatures - but what better place to start then trying to draw yourself, coz then you only offend yourself! : ) So that is going to be fun and if I'm feeling all brave and such I'll put up some of my WIP as I go. In the meantime, please allow me to share with you some random sketches that I drew today.

Here's where things get mildly interesting huh. Coz, like I think I have mentioned before - it seems that once I have taken a picture of my drawings the mistakes stand out even more clearly. 
However, one of my wise tutors said to me that being able to see your mistakes is a step in the right direction, so I will live in the hope that if I can keep on seeing them - then maybe one day I will get to the point where I'll stop making them (as often)! : )

Ciao good people!

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  1. Did you draw the second one? Thats awesome! I loove it! I do that too, for some reason my drawings look lots better in my sketchbook then in a picture, hmmm. Those little mistakes will bug me till I change it. In my last post (which you left me such a nice comment), I drew pumbaa and the face wasnt right. I didnt really notice this till I was done, so I had to erase the whole face and redo it. Its still not perfect but seeing our own mistakes is a good thing in the end. :)