Thursday, July 28, 2011


So the exciting news is that Lord willing we have a new book underway - the same lovely author as I worked with before on Duke - this time a new story! It's all under wraps at the moment, but I'm looking forward to illustrating this one because there is HEAPS of scope for the imagination!

It has been a pretty busy week - and this term is going to be massive - but pretty amazingly cool at the same time. This week we have been animating a lovely ballerina girl - walking over to a dresser, sitting down and applying her make-up. We've been given a month for this one so we can get it lovely and smoooooth.
Here's some drawings of the model - designed by one of my tutors, and redrawn for practice from the model sheet by me. She's very sweet. : )

Eep, not a good picture - but the excellent news is that I'm getting a scanner for my birthday! So no more scummy pics after that! Hurrah!


  1. That picture is gorgeous! I have also decided to do that children's book I was telling you about with my friend who is an amazing writer. Where do you send it to get published? I am a long ways away from finishing however, just for a head start. I know there are plenty of publishers for children's books, but they all seem to have a specific style to them. Any tips?

  2. That is great Ramona! Really good to hear. : ) I'm not immensely experienced; but from the limited experience that I have, plus the course that I did on book illustration last year -the best thing I've figured to do is put together your dummy book and just send it out to as many publishers as you are happy to send it to! Do research them - it's probably even a little trickier for you because you must have a billion options over where you are. In New Zealand there are not as many publishers so the pickings are a little more slim. However obviously you don't just have to stick to Canada or the States either - think worldwide. : ) And in your research of these publishers choose the ones whose other published books you like. So far I haven't had to work directly with a publisher, because the author has been dealing with that side of things, but I have a book that I wrote with my friend too which we are hoping to send to some publishers next year. So keep me posted with how you go and I'll do likewise! And if you ever want any more feedback or advice you are more than welcome to ask! : ) All the best!