Monday, July 18, 2011

I missed yoooou!

Hello blog, I'm back from a loverly holiday. 
That is one thing that sure is great about being a student. The holidays. And this time I did take them. Although I was really sick the second week, but was down visiting family and they took excellent care of me. : )

Well I haven't been up to heaps, but I did find this week pic that I drew last term.
When I was in Fourth Form (which these days they call Year 10) my maths class was an old pre-fab which still had one of those revolving chalk boards in it. My maths teacher wrote a lot up on the blackboard - chalk dust flying. Every now and then he would duck out into his office which was up the front of the room, to check some notes, or get some books... or so he said. Coz he always seemed to come back out of the office with chalk dust all around his mouth. 
Suspicious yes?

However our conclusion was that he was sneaking out there to gobble mouthfuls of chalk that he had become addicted to over the years of having to use it to teach! Thus the reason that they changed to white boards - although they have their own set of issues I hear...

Nice to be back!

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