Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair cut day

Today was a hair cut day - which means it was a good day. : )
I love getting my hair cut - unfortunately I am never quite bold enough to do something really cool like rainbow coloured highlights or radical length change. However I am enjoying having longer hair, and my hair is pretty curly (aka. frizz bomb) so some days it can still look pretty radical just on it's own. 

So today although I didn't go for those radical styles or colours I decided to embrace the curl and got my lovely hairdresser to just chop away and give me lots of layers (which he said gave 'activity' to my hair) and a chunky fringe thingy! Which is the chunkiest fringe thingy I've ever had - so I'm excited. : )

Anywho, enough about my hair - back to business!
I had a bunch of fun drawing up lovely ladies today. 
So here they are.

And the Instagram of the day...

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  1. OOh I really like these. I wanna see a pic of your hair cut!