Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pic 'o the day

It was such a wet spring day today. I had to walk up through the domain and past the museum in (albeit small) heels - I admit, it was my choice. However as I was puffing my way up the hill suddenly it started pouring with big, fat rain. Actually - it was cool! And I just threw all caution to the wind - took off my shoes and sprinted across the squishy, spongey grass. 
It was great. 
You should try it. 
It doesn't hurt (too much) to be a crazy person every now and then. 
: )

Anywho - drawing of the day:

(I think she's having one of those days)
And Instagram of the day!

So, so keuwt!
This was the closest I could get to them before the Mum ushered them all away.
And fair enough too! Who wants paparazzi chasing after their children.