Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finger cramp

Well it has been a very busy past couple of weeks. But very rewarding at the same time.
Today a couple of guys from my school and myself went to the Special Kids Christmas to draw cartoon characters and portraits. 

The Special Kids Christmas is a charity event that runs every year for kids that have special needs, struggle with illness, or are in underprivileged families - so kids that don't get to experience Christmas the same way the rest of us do. It is held at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland and has about 2000 visitors on the day. 

So for us it was pretty much 5 hours straight drawing. 
Which means that by the end of it you really do get hand cramp - however the time flies pretty fast, and it is amazingly great practice at portraiture! Especially speedy portraiture. We had a queues of people lining up for a drawing, it was pretty amazing. 

There were so many gorgeous kids - one memorable little guy had a learning disability - but he was so smiley and happy. There was also this most gorgeous little tiny girl. She looked like a fairy she was so little and cute - I drew a picture of her and her Dad.

This is just a quick sketch of how I remember her - but she was cuter, and littler. :)
Overall, it was a heap of fun - and just amazing to see people coming together to do something for others. Really cool. :)

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