Monday, December 12, 2011

I have books!

Well, things have been a little slow in the drawing department just recently because I have been working - however I am looking forward to the holidays where hopefully I can stock up on a whole pile of new work!

In the meantime - the news is that I have a pile of books sitting on my desk at work - and they are copies of the book that I illustrated. It's pretty cool to see my drawings in print (even though the publisher did some weird things with the layout and editing of them - but oh well, live and learn) - although I must admit it's very surreal, kind of like I can't quite believe that they are my drawings published in a book.

Anywho, if anyone randomly would like a copy - they are $20 (NZ dollars) each, but if you are a follower of my blog you can have one for $15. : )   

Thanks for being awesome everyone.


  1. It looks gorgeous, Hannah. Congratulations! I'd like to pick one up when we are in Auckland at Christmas :-)

  2. HI Hannah,

    I'd love to get one of your books! I've been waiting for this for ages! I think we'll be in your church on Sunday. Could I pick it up then?