Saturday, February 18, 2012

Illustration Friday ~ Fluid

Well, it's not looking how I would like - but I thought I would post up my afternoon efforts at digital painting. In reality I guess it would have been faster and probably better to just colour this with colour pencils - but it's good practice for me I guess. 

So this is pretty much what sprang to mind for me when I thought of fluid. It really didn't come out how I would have liked. And there are a billion things wrong with it - but that's ok - as long as I know what's wrong so I can fix it next time! Ha! And I just realised that I didn't finish her hand. Whoops - sorry everyone. : P

Oh, and here's the sketch. Maybe one of these days I will do it in pencils just for fun. 


  1. I think she's gorgeous! But I understand that we're all our own toughest critic. Lovely work.

  2. Beautiful! Your whole blog is amazing! =D
    Such a wonderful style. =D

  3. This is lovely. The colors and composition are really great. Such a peaceful expression on her face and I think the hair is very neat.

    We are always our own worst critic!

  4. Wow thank you everyone! It has been so encouraging getting feedback from all you awesome IF artists. : ) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. She's lovely, the colouring is great, don't give yourself such a hard time!!

  6. I agree with everyone else above, the colouring is great, you did a really good job!