Thursday, February 2, 2012

January - glad it's over.

Well, I have been on hiatus for the past month. I don't know where January went. Actually, I do know, and I don't really want to go back there for a while. It was a bit of a crazy month for us, and NOT an easy one at all. But now we can hopefully put it behind us.

Hopefully from out of the ashes will rise some half decent creativity.

So today, I got back into some artsy stuff. Finally managed to finish off the t-shirt that I had been painting (much overdue for my friend's birthday - whoops). So below you should be able to see some pics of the final article (yup, sorry again to my friend - I just put the t-shirt on quickly to take a picture. Aside from 2 minutes of me wearing it, it is clean). :D

Apologies for the decapitated head picture - but I was looking a real mess today (I assure you, it has been a tough month, and it has taken it's toll) so I thought I would spare you all the grisly bits.
Aaaaaaaaaand here's a bit of a close up. 

I also did myself a t-shirt today. I needed to do something therapeutic. It has surprised me how quick it can be to make these. Although they are a bit rough at the moment, with a bit more practice I think that I could get a bit faster. And they are heaps of fun to make. I have always liked painting on clothing - because it's practical art. That's another reason that I like quilting (yes, I have two quilts that I am working on at the moment - I am a nana and am proud of it).

So here's the other t-shirt that I did. Just very simple. I just wanted something subtle that I could wear with a nice skirt for work, but was a bit more snazzy than just a plain t-shirt. 

I liked this lemon colored one - partly coz lemon is such a pretty and happy color, and also coz it makes you look a bit tanned and that's always a bonus right?
Let's go from the high angle just coz we can.

And we shall end on an Instagramed detail.
Because I love making these so much I was considering making a whole bunch setting up an Etsy site and giving it a go selling them or something. What do you people think? Would you pay for an individually painted Han-made t-shirt?

Your feedback is appreciated - as always. :o)
Enough from me! Hopefully more drawing next time. 

~ Take care everyone ~

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