Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chugging along...

Well things have been crazy busy to the point that I have neglected this poor wee blog. 
We are in the process of sorting out a move to the US, so all of the stress that comes with an overseas move as well as catching up with people before we go and trying to get artwork complete for events has me run off my feet! 

However it is all really enjoyable and fun stuff to do, so I just have to keep on reminding myself of that. :)

Lately I have been working on a whole pile of artwork that I will be selling at an event in Pukekohe (just south of Auckland) in a couple of weeks and have been enjoying having a lot of creative freedom with what I produce. Things just always take a lot longer than I ever anticipate. 

Here's a little WIP of one that I just finished this morning. 
So I started with my rough pencil sketch...
 Then using my rough draft, redrew onto a new piece of paper really lightly tracing the basic outline and proportions of the animals - then started colouring...

And after a bit of time (always more than I anticipate!) it's done! 

Hopefully will be selling this at the event in a couple of weeks, however whatever doesn't sell I will be popping onto my Etsy store, and will also be starting to create some more work for that too, so artwork will be available for everyone! Huzzah!

In the meantime, you can see more day-to-day updates on my Facebook page, but I will try and keep this more up-to-date I promise. :)


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    1. Thank you! It seems that a lot of people love giraffes, I have had a lot of people wanting prints of this one. :)