Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Deep South

It has been a joy over the past 4 days to spend some time in Queenstown (in the South Island of New Zealand) at a really gorgeous primary school. My good friend works as a teacher at the school, so I came down to help out with teaching the kids some drawing skills and talk to them about illustrating books!

It's been a lot of fun. :) Below are some of the drawings by the Junior students (ages 5-6) who I worked with on the first day. They did such a great job! We have here a Princess and a giraffe.

Below are some pictures of character stories that the Seniors wrote based on my drawings! I didn't know that they had done this so it was a really cool surprise when I arrived, and the stories that they wrote were so cool!

Hopefully by the end of the day today I'll have some of their drawings that I can share with you. They are a really imaginative group of kids. The Seniors are aged from 10-11.

Queenstown is beautiful - it has been pretty cold, and for the first couple of days that I was here it was really cloudy and overcast, but yesterday afternoon the sun came out in all it's glory and I got to experience a more trademark Queenstown day - crisp but gorgeous and clear. Sooooo pretty, I can see why people would want to live here surrounded by the mountains. Hopefully I'll get a better photo of it today to share with you!

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