Monday, February 7, 2011

And so another year begins....

Well ok, so the year has already begun - but first day back at school today. Wow this year is going to be full on, but that is a good thing. Got soooo much to learn and an amazing bunch of tutors to teach it to us, so got to make every minute count. 

I did do a sketch this morning of a grumpy old man, which I was going to put up here, but I left my sketchbook at school, go figure. So tomorrow will have to do. I am finding myself with quite a lot of time in the mornings before I can get into school, so I have found my new favourite cafe and will try and keep up my sketching there for stuff to put up here. I think that the rest of my time in general is going to be taken up with schoolwork and the book I'm illustrating! Here's hoping I can juggle all this... if you don't hear from me again, you will know that I have collapsed from overwhelmedness (I'm sure there is such a thing - I can't believe I had to coin that word).

So since I don't have my grumpy old man, random lady sketch will have to do.
Peace out!

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