Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beeeeeg beeeg eyes.

So life has been really busy lately.

Been doing some amazingly cool stuff at school tho. Working on storyboards - and it didn't start great for me, and yes, I did get a bit frustrated. But then I got head down and tail up and learnt A LOT.

So I got to a point after working and reworking my storyboards where I think that... maybe... just maybe I am confident enough to put them up here. And I figure hey, what have I got to lose. There can't be that many people who read this - and if anyone does and comments on them - then I will have learnt more! 

And that's what I like. Yup. I'm a nerd. 
And then, potentially - hopefully - next week I will have finished the book I'm illustrating. Potentially - hopefully - the author will be happy with the results.
And then most likely - definitely - I will be able to get some sleep again.

So next up - storyboards.


  1. oooh yay! I love storyboards! I am very excited. You do not have any reason to be afraid to post anything on here, you know why? because you are insanely talented! Also I loove this girls hair!

  2. Haha thanks Ramona! You're so encouraging. : ) Well I'm gonna have to up them up now huh! : )