Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Morning coffee sketch

Grumpy old man. 

This is not a self portrait. 

I hope.


  1. Holy crap, thanks for that awesome comment! I'd love to see some of the boards you've been working on, let me know if you get around to posting them.

    I've been meaning to make more of those tip sheets, just been rather busy, but it's hearing from other artists around the world, like you, that inspires me to keep going. So thanks!

  2. Cheers! No worries about the comment - it is very well deserved on your part. : )

    Heh well I'm definitely not awesome at storyboarding yet - but hopefully (with the help of your tips) I'll get there. : ) And then mayyyyyybe put them up here. If I'm feeling brave and courageous.

  3. Ha, yeah no worries, feel free to share the stuff with anyone interested.

    Don't be worried about putting your work up, in fact I encourage it. You'll get a lot of insight through comments from people all over the world. Plus you'll be able to visually track your progression.
    You can go back through my blog, by months and years, and find just absolutely awful drawings. But its fun to see how far you've come.