Monday, May 9, 2011

La la lala la la...

That is supposed to be sung to the tune of the Smurfs!!! Anyone here remember them? Very cool.

Anyway, we have started another week - and this week at school we are continuing with dialogue. This is the dude that we are animating this week. 

He is an evil genius scientist. 
He has created something. 
Guess what his line is. hehe

"It's ALIIIIIVE!!!!!
All in all, he is very fun to animate! Today flew by sooo fast, and I am anticipating that the rest of the week will be the same. I managed to put together a rough bunch of keys for this scene this afternoon and then received some really valuable feedback and advice from my tutor, so I will try and remember to bring some of the stuff home tomorrow and post a bit about it - coz it was good advice. 

Well, till next time
la la lala la la...

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  1. Wow, great hands! Your proportions have improved heaps. Awesome.

    Smurfs, what are they?