Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank you!

One other thing... : )

I got an email in my inbox today that was so lovely and encouraging and just... wow.
I would love to write back to the person but they wrote to me through Youtube anonymously and I can't find a way to write back. So I just wanted to say that hopefully that person knows who they are, and thank you so much for your cool as message! 

If you ever read this, I would love it if you would pop me through an email so that I can reply and thank you personally!

In the meantime - here is a picture that I did for you out of appreciation. 

And I hope that you do pursue a career in animation! It is amazingly hard work - but so rewarding. And I haven't even started in a job yet! Every day I go to class and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to learn more (and from my limited experience, there is ALWAYS more to learn). Plus, you get to meet and work with some of the coolest, most interesting, and talented people in the world. : )

So go for it and all the best! 

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