Thursday, January 20, 2011

Down in the cavern

These are just a few sketches from last week. I'm currently working on illustrating my first ever children's book, and it's pretty exciting! Although the sun is shining outside each day and I'm stuck down in my cavern. However it's a small price to pay for the realisation of a dream!!!

Kudos by the way to my high school art teacher, Mrs. Rikken (can't remember if that is actually how you spell it). I only had her for a couple of years and she was mostly assisting my other art teacher. But I still remember really clearly that she said to me that she believed that I could be an illustrator if I wanted to be one - and she even went so far as to say that she would look for my name on a book in the future. That meant a lot to me that someone believed in me that much. Funnily enough I never thought that I would achieve the goal - but here I am!!! I will really celebrate once a see it in print tho... so we'll hold off the champagne until then. : ) But thanks Mrs. Rikken - wherever you are!

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