Monday, March 28, 2011

Art Festival Promo...

Yuss! The Japanese Art Festival is on this weekend, and yours truly is exhibiting (first exhibit ever mind you). : ) There are a whole lot of artists from Japan who are sending their work to NZ - and a few who are also coming along - and their work along with a range of Kiwi artists will be displayed this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Aotea Centre in Auckland city. 

I also understand that they are going to be having some fundraising for the victims of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake, and the Christchurch one also.

This is one of mine that will be exhibited and for sale...

I really will try and get a nice scanner one of these days.


  1. this is adorable! I love it! what other ones will you be exhibiting? what did you use to colour this?

  2. Thanks Ramona! This is done with ink and watercolours. I'm putting up a couple of others that I have posted up on the blog before and then a couple of new ones. I might pop them up after the exhibition. : ) Thanks for being so encouraging!