Thursday, March 10, 2011


I got to learn some more today! It's so exciting. 
To be honest I think it's just awesome to have left school - gone out and worked for some years, gained some life experience; and then to come back to actively learn and you just appreciate it soooo much more than you did when you were at high school and HAD to go rather than choosing to go. 

Especially when it's animation. : D

I was trying to be all rough and stuff today, so I drew a really fast sketch from a memory I have as a kid.

Yup, we used to leap into the air off the teeniest, tiniest concrete step into a paddling pool and think that we were practically Evil Kenevil. This is a semi-altered memory I have of my best friend at the time doing a bomb into the paddling pool. Don't worry, it ended well (as well as it could all things considered).

Looking at this drawing I definitely knew that there was a heap that could be done to the pose of the character to enhance it - but I just couldn't figure out exactly what those changes would be to be honest. So I asked my tutor. : )

He did a redrawing of it for me - but I thought that I should practice and did my own version of what he showed me...

So much better right!?
A few things in particular that he highlighted:
  • Vary the feet - put them at different angles, and one higher than the other and it'll create a more dynamic and visually stimulating drawing - as well as capturing the movement better I think.
  • His hair is better as a - hmmmm, lump (hehe) rather than those random billion lines that I drew (what was I thinking?!?!) - also I guess, especially if the character is going to be animated it would make things a little easier!
  • And his arms angled upwards - again more dynamic; and although my tutor didn't say this - I kinda think that it indicates the fact that he's going to start moving downwards soon. Dunno - what does anyone else out there think?
Well, I am very much looking forward to being able to see and think of these things naturally, but in the meantime I'll attempt to cultivate it with more research!

One of these days I'll put up a finished piece of work too. Got the art exhibition coming up soon so should be able to put up some of my work from that.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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