Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well another day and I'm pretty happy to be honest. I finished my layout assignment which isn't due till Thursday, so I'm getting heaps of time to fix up stuff. I finally got my head around layout, and it isn't as complicated as I first thought it was, however it's a huge amount of work, especially drafting up the backgrounds (which I am still NOT awesome at). And my tutor told me the other day that in the studio when he was working as head of the layout department, he churned out 10 full sets of layouts a day. Which is the amount our class was given 8 days to do. : P However we are beginners - and he assures me he was once in our shoes (hard to imagine but there you go).

Anyway - I was feeling a little like this today...

Which is a great feeling. 
Then I got some advice from my tutor, and he showed me that I was actually feeling a little more like this...

Which is an even better feeling because it makes more sense! Luis is one of my very excellent tutors and he highlighted in particular the simplification of the arms - making the muscle tone less obvious can make a female figure look more feminine (if that's what you are going for). Also the movement of the dress around her legs. 

You know how you have those moments, where you have been looking at something for ages without seemingly seeing the obvious? And then once it's pointed out to you, you're like, 'I seriously can't believe that I didn't see that there before'. Yeah, well, I had one of those moments with that dress. You'll see on my drawing that I have this oh so delightful fold in her skirt kinda inbetween her knees. Just gotta love that drapery; except when it doesn't make any sense! So anyway, on Luis' drawing, it's nice and smooth where there's the most drag, billowing back the point where the wind blows it to the left. 
Now that, is drapery that makes more sense.

K, so that might seem amazingly obvious to all you very clever people out there, but when I was drawing that picture, it obviously, wasn't obvious to me. So lesson of the day: Actually THINK when you draw Hannah. 

Thanks for bearing with me. 
: )

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  1. wow! thats nuts how something soo little can change it so much! I wish I had a tutor to show me these things!! I just miss school. But the drawing is suuuuper cute! very jealous over here!